Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Our team also have experience of delivering multi-disciplinary projects from time to time. Large projects are good for our business as they help us to spread resources and demand and mitigate the ups and downs associated with annualised budgeting we see from some of our largest framework clients. We take a very collaborative approach to multi-disciplinary projects. Enable is an ISO44001 accredited organisation for collaborative working and we have a strong network of like-minded organisations we can turn to for the delivery of multi-disciplinary projects. We are committed to finding the best value for money solution for our clients and we are aligned with the principals set out by the ICE’s Project 13 initiative. We believe that SME’s can offer an especially valuable service by adopting Project 13 and we have pulled together an SME style Project 13 service for a recent project at Soho Depot in Birmingham. Another significant recent Multi-Disciplinary project Enable has delivered is the re-modelling of Liverpool Street Station Elizabeth Line platforms. This project involved track re-alignment, new slabtrack, platform lighting, re-alignment of the OHLE, relocation of platform signals, and new platform construction. All delivered over 2 interventions over a Christmas and Easter blockade.