Enable Infrastructure working hard to improve security and access at Companies House, Cardiff

Enable Infrastructure working hard to improve security and access at Companies House, Cardiff

April 15, 2022

Through the Welsh Crown Commercial Services Construction Works and Associated Services Framework Alliance, Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction) is near completion of an important programme of works at Companies House headquarters in Cardiff to improve and strengthen the building’s external security and access.

Named the “The Gatehouse Project” its focus is on improving the general vehicle movement and circulation on-site with better pedestrian access, while also enhancing the security in line with the latest government guidance.

This will consist of perimeter fencing, vehicle gates, CCTV, intercom, and lighting, allied with new signage to enhance the fluency of movement around the site. The project is slated to conclude later in the spring, with work well underway as the images show.

The site houses more than 1000 workers over five floors and is accompanied by a multi-storey car park. As a notable UK government property near the centre of Cardiff, where valuable public information is recorded and stored, the added level of security and more fluid access will provide reassurance and tangible resilience against any potential threats.

Wales Regional Manager, Andrew Wedlake commented: ‘’it is great to use our Crown Commercial Services Framework to win work for a government body in Wales. This project is to enhance the security of the building and assets. It will also alleviate traffic congestion entering the site. We have constructed some substantial barriers, security fencing, turnstiles, and gates to manage access and egress onto the site. New bases, kerb lines and extensive surfacing and lining will also be constructed. The project also involved the design and construction of rain gardens to ensure the design was approved by the Sustainable Drainage Approving Body. We thank Companies House for their support in this project and look forward to its completion.”