Liverpool Street Station Platform Extensions (GRIP 5-8 Design & Build)

Project value:
Project Commenced:
April 2020
Project completed:
August 2021
MTR Elizabeth Line

About the project

Our client, MTR Elizabeth Line, required a contractor to design and build extensions to platforms 16 and 17 at Liverpool Street Station, one of London’s busiest stations, so that these platforms could accommodate 205m Full Length Units (FLU) trains. The project, run under stages 5–8 of the Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) process, also involved taking platform 18 out of use as an operational platform. Because of the introduction of the new trains, the project had to a completed to a strict deadline 

The works included modifications to track and to associated infrastructure. The role of Enable Infrastructure (formerly BCM Construction) role included managing multiple subcontractors working in specialist areas such as modular platform extensions, slab track installation, the installation of roofmounted overhead line equipment (OLE) and multidisciplinary design. Enable Infrastructure also managed key Stakeholders such as MTR, Liverpool Street Station, Network Rail Aspro, Romford Rock, Greater Anglia, Crossrail Ltd, City of London Council, Transport for London, and Rail for London. 

The challenge

  • The physical works associated with this project were delivered over 2 main access windows during Christmas of 2020 and Easter of 2021, totalling 20 days (2 x 10 day windows). This project was also carried out during the Covid pandemic which made the project more logistically challenging. 
  • Logistically the works area at Liverpool Street Platforms were very difficult to access as the station remained operational during the delivery of our works. We were constrained by very short access windows, during which time materials and equipment were mobilised and demobilised from a track access point approximately 1 mile downtrack from the station. 
  • Strict requirement to meet the client’s programme end date.
  • Need to manage multiple subcontractors working on specialist tasks. 
  • Multidisciplinary nature of the design development.
  • Multiple Stakeholder Management. 

The solution

  • Enable Infrastructure implemented a joint programme involving our client and all the subcontractors, with a shared planner implemented to collate information from all involved.  
  • Enable Infrastructure implemented a Covid action plan which assisted in the safe delivery of the project. 
  • The use of our ten-week lookahead process ensured that all parties were aware of the works taking place and that resources could be allocated efficiently. 
  • We took a realistic view on contingency: for example, we did not over-allocate activities in possession. As a result, the programme had approximately 10% float – a position supported by our client, who saw the float as a risk-mitigation to the end date. 
  • Enable Infrastructure appointed subcontractors with specialist design expertise: new GRIP 5 designers, Arup, to lead the integrated GRIP 5 detailed design process; Rhomberg Sersa for the IVES slab track design; OSL for Solid State Interlocking (SSI) Design; Resonate for Integrated Electronic Control Centre (IECC) Scalable design, and Systra for modular platform structure design. 
  • Use of the IVES slab track system alongside the integrated modular platform system was an innovative approach that resulted in significant cost savings for our client. 
  • To manage the key stakeholders, Enable Infrastructure built a Relationship Management Plan (RMP) as part of the Project Execution Plan. The works conducted on Liverpool Street Station were influenced by ISO44001 and the experience has enabled BCM and our subcontract partners to deliver the works successfully on behalf of MTR Elizabeth Line and other external stakeholders. 

The deliverables

  • Site surveys 
  • Site set-up and enabling works  
  • Material deliveries  
  • Management of access and possessions 
  • Installation of IVES slab track system 
  • Installation of new switch & crossing (S&C) and Permanent Way modifications 
  • Installation of TSP platform extension access  
  • OLE modifications 
  • Signalling & telecommunications (S&T) modifications 
  • Mechanical & electrical (M&E) installations 
  • Civil works installations 
  • Decommissioning platform 18 
  • Testing and commissioning

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