London to Corby (L2C) Electrification Scheme Complete

8th February 2021

The London to Corby (L2C) Electrification Project for Network Rail is complete and has been implemented safely. BCM Construction along with the BCM Power Systems team delivered both Cable Route and Cable installation works whilst delivering the scope for our client SPL Powerlines.

The project remit consisted of installing a mixture of Trough-Tec Systems, elevated Schneider Electric GRP, Raised Arco GRP, Concrete Troughing, Buried Route Containment for the new 25Kv HV Cables associated and Bonding Cabling along the Network Rail Midland Mainline.

A prime fundamental across this project has been the collaboration with our client SPL proving huge quality and milestone results throughout which over 22,0000metres of 25kv Cable have been installed with use of RRV’s.

As a whole, the £300 million contract covered the electrification of 192 single track km including more than 2300 foundations, 3240 OLE structures, the installation of 8 substations, a total of approx. 900 km of wire (OLE, RSC, fibre, LV/HV) and a total length of steelwork for OLE structures of 38 km as well as 350 design submissions.

Well done to SPL Powerlines UK for safely delivering the London to Corby electrification project, we hope to continue the relationship build over the course of this project moving forward.