BCM Power Systems hit “significant milestone” with Braybrooke ATFS Module Delivery and Installation

5th May 2022

BCM Power Systems, in support of their major client, SPL Powerlines UK, recently took the next step in rail infrastructure works happening at Braybrooke, just outside Market Harborough, Leicestershire.

April 23rd-24th saw the overnight installation of Braybrooke ATFS: a major feeder station for the Midland Main Line and key to future development and electrification of the railway infrastructure North of Kettering.

Commissioned to be installed by Network Rail, the feeder station will be connected to a new National Grid 400kV to 25kV supply point located adjacent to the same site.

The Siemens module building was delivered in split sections that were lifted into place by a 500-ton crane during an 8-hour night-time possession of the Midland Main Line.

A substantial number of earthworks and civils have been undertaken by our Power Systems team to enable the successful delivery of this building to the site.

Tom Walker, P+D Project Manager for SPL Powerlines UK said: “The safe and professional manner of all work prior to the night, followed by the safe and smooth organisation for the lift, highlights the wonderful collaboration between SPL Powerlines and BCM.”

Martin Dansey, Head of BCM Power Systems commented: “the successful delivery and installation of the ATFS at Braybrooke is a significant milestone in the ongoing programme of works to electrify the Midlands Main Line that we are contributing towards. I’m very proud of and give thanks to our hardworking team and of our strong, enduring collaboration with SPL Powerlines UK.”