BCM making progress on Transport for Wales Core Valley Line Transformation Project

10th June 2022

Since February 2022, BCM have been working hard six nights a week helping to deliver upgrades to parts of the Welsh rail network via the Core Valley Line (CVL) Transformation Project for Transport for Wales (TfW).

As part of our Ancillary Civils Framework with TfW, BCM are implementing 20 kilometres of trackside cable management systems for both low voltage and high voltage cabling by June 2022. This includes Trough-Tech Systems (TTS) and ArcoSystem Elevated Trough.

The CVL Transformation Project has received funding from the Welsh and British Governments and is one of the last transport programmes to be part-funded in the UK by the European Union. Its objective is to increase frequency and capacity across South Wales linking the valleys to the cities. This involves the regeneration of various lines, stations, bridges, and platform extensions and is pencilled to conclude in 2024 at a cost of approximately 3 billion pounds.

BCM is deployed on two route sections primarily. The City Line from Ninian Park to Radyr. And the Treherbert line from Pontypridd to Treherbert. As the images demonstrate below, our teams of 10 gangs of six undertake physically taxing labour in the dead of night. As ever safety and welfare are paramount, and we salute their dedication, discipline, and resilience. All of which contribute to BCM’s mission to create social value through successful infrastructure projects.