BCM is connecting innovation and safety performance in the rail construction industry for STC INSISO

12th August 2021

With a drive to be bold in product development and to align that support to new and emerging markets and projects, one of STC INSISO’s focuses has been on the utilities and rail construction sectors.

STC INSISO is dedicated to collaborating with inspirational partners from across the globe. One partnership the problem-solving company is particularly proud of is with their rail construction industry innovation partner, BCM Construction. Having already established market intelligence following previous successful projects with STC INSISO, the leadership team at BCM Construction identified the need to do more to connect innovation and safety performance in the rail construction industry.

BCM Construction acts as a principal contractor for Network Rail, Transport for Wales, MTR Crossrail, Transport for London, and through civil construction frameworks they have also acted as the principal contractor for Crown Commercial Services and Western Power Distribution. They are experts in all aspects of rail construction and railway infrastructure delivering highly complex building works, often in a live operational and constrained environment. For STC INSISO, working with BCM allowed them to better understand the challenges in the UK Rail Construction Industry and align the needs and expectations of the industry to their tools and processes.

STC INSISO worked closely with BCM to embed a rail/construction version of their flagship COMET toolkit and web app into their processes while developing first-class investigation skills across projects like Feltham Resignalling Phase 2 and the Great Western Electrification programme. Furthermore, this technology is used on all BCM projects spanning across Civil Engineering, Highways and Power System sectors . COMET is a next generation Investigation and Root Cause Analysis toolkit to prevent failure and accelerate performance improvement.

By better understanding their performance related data BCM identified that a lack of adequate training for front-line construction industry supervisors and managers was adversely affecting performance. STC INSISO was approached to create a customised programme of learning and development for front-line managers and supervisors, specifically for the rail industry. BCM construction appointed STC INSISO to create the training programme due to their ability to efficiently design, develop and roll out successful leadership programmes worldwide.  ‘Supervision Transformed’ was created, with the programme consisting of three, two-day modules of interactive classroom or virtual workshops, designed around STC INSISO’s proven ‘Listen, Do, Discuss, Action’ approach. BCM are now rolling out ‘Supervision Transformed’ to 15 front-line supervisors and managers who represent the company.

Shane O’Halloran, Managing Director of BCM Construction added: “Here at BCM, we have instilled a culture of safety first. That focus ensures we innovate and stay curious about emerging themes in the safety improvement space. We were first introduced to STC INSISO after receiving positive feedback from a peer organisation.  They helped us to better understand our opportunities for improvement through the COMET Root Cause Analysis application and encouraged us to deliver on one of those key improvements, to strengthen the core competence and capability of our site supervision. We are partners because it makes sense, we tap into the latest developments and opportunities to make us even stronger as a business.”

Mark Rushton, Chief Executive Officer at STC INSISO said: “Shane and the team at BCM Construction have helped STC INSISO align to an industry that is strategically important to where we want to be. BCM specialises in getting the best out of the tools and processes we are so passionate about creating, and they have ensured that work to customise our solutions for the rail construction industry has been accurate and effective. Most importantly, BCM has shown as a customer and innovation partner how seriously they take the safety and performance of not only their staff but of those working on their contracts and framework agreements.”

Come and join STC INSISO and BCM Construction at STC’s HSE Innovation conference in London on October 7th ( PDF below)

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