BCM Implement Bespoke Supervisory Development Programme -Supervisor Transformed

2nd November 2020

BCM Implement bespoke supervisory development programme -Supervisor Transformed

With BCM expanding as a business into new regions whilst diversifying their offerings into new sectors, it was essential that the highest standard of supervisory and leadership skills is taught and retained by staff. Therefore, over the past 2 years, BCM and STC Global have collaboratively developed Supervision Transformed, which is designed to improve the level of supervision and communication within projects. It will further assist the reduction in accidents/incidents, improve the quality of install and reduce the amount of downtime when on site.

The first step in achieving this was to identify suitable front-line construction industry supervisors and managers who BCM believed had the potential to develop within the company. Many of the current construction managers and project managers started as supervisors within the company. It is therefore apparent that this investment by BCM into their employee’s career development has and will continue to pay dividends.

Successful Individuals will go through 3 levels of training Voyager; Pioneer; and Javelin. Across the three modules, those who complete the course will learn, apply, and retain the following disciplines:

  • Authority & respect
  • Giving & receiving feedback.
  • Briefing & Toolbox Talks
  • Handling Diversity
  • Supervisor documentation.

Once they enroll on the programme they will be continually supported and mentored, this mentoring includes one-to-one visits whilst ‘in the field’ during which they will be supported and assessed. Only when the mentors within the BCM Safety Team deem a candidate to be ready to progress to the next level, will they be put forward. For someone to be ready to progress to the next level BCM will be looking for full embedment of the principals provided at the current level they have been trained to and demonstration of the right attitude and willingness to progress.

Both BCM and STC Global had worked together previously and STC Global was chosen for their ability to efficiently design, develop and roll-out successful leadership programmes worldwide. Furthermore, it the support and assessment after graduation that will ensure that supervisors retain and apply this knowledge.

The three, two-day modules of interactive classroom or virtual workshops, Supervision Transformed is designed around STC Global’s proven Listen, Do, Discuss, Action approach to inspire delegates to reach their full potential:

  • Listen – short trainer led presentations on specific topics
  • Do – group and individual delegate activities, using company specific data for context
  • Discuss – open discussions on the issues raised from the learning and activities
  • Action – development of actions, suggestions, and questions for improvement.

This program will also look to ensure that the supervisors are trained to the high standards of BCM and their expectations on site. BCM have an ethos of “Aspiring to Excellence in Everything we do”. This is an ethos they want every facet of the business to adopt, creating a succinct team with the same goals for the company and the standards they hold. Furthermore, at BCM there are 3 core values that staff are asked to stick to, as it will guarantee high standards, consideration, and safety. They are as follows:

  • We stay on the safe side
  • We care about people
  • We take pride in our work

To finalise this programme has been designed not just to teach new skills and tools, but to also provide individuals with the confidence to go out and use them whilst also retaining them. Guaranteeing the high standards of BCM across multiple worksites.