BCM Adopt Innovative Technology to Plan and Monitor Works on Site.

21st April 2021

BCM has recently been taking advantage of 360 cameras on-site by conducting regular site walks with this technology and then processing the footage through Specialist software systems. The technology uses photo documentation software that captures images every half-second and automatically ties them to project plans. after a few walks, most projects can expect to get results in 10 to 15 minutes.

We first used this technology on our Canton to St Brides independent feeder project where we initially conducted a dilapidation survey, this meant that all stakeholders could review the constructability of the design by overlaying the BIM model against a real-world environment. This technology assisted with identifying potential design issues during the planning stage.

This technology is also very beneficial when reviewing the progress our sites have made. With OpenSpace you can pick two dates to see photos of what was in place before concrete was poured or beams were installed for example. Further to this, you are also able to add photos taken from any device and the technology will add them to the floorplan.

This information also assists our clients in viewing the process of a project due to the simple interface, ensuring that we are transparent and collaborative throughout the life cycle.

This technology has saved BCM time whilst also increasing the level of depth we are able to plan and analyse the progression of a project.