Company Volunteering Day in conjunction with Kingston Rowing Club

Company Volunteering Day in conjunction with Kingston Rowing Club

September 29, 2020


Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM Construction), Enable Hire (formerly known as CHS) and Crewit have given up their services through the Feltham re-signalling project by means of a community volunteering day at Kingston Rowing Club. This was for an installation of a memorial sculpture for a young girl who passed away four years ago while rowing 

Watch the 3 days of work from start to finish here:


Enable Infrastructure oversaw the building aspect of the project, with Enable Hire providing the plant and heavy lifting equipment and Crewit providing the experienced personnel to execute the job.  

Stage 1 involved the installation of a concrete base able to withstand 250kg of weight ready for the monument to be placed on top.  

Stage 2 involved the installation of the granite stone monument, which required 4 experienced personnel to drill the new baseinstall the stainless steel bars, manoeuvre the monument and set it in place.  

The final stage was placing the sculpture above the monument which was fitted by the talented sculptor herself Elizabeth Turner 

This monument was installed to honour the 4th anniversary of keen rower Rosie and her tragic passing. Rosie was a beautiful, smart, kind, and energetic child, sister and daughter taken from us too early. 

Regional Manager Daniel O’Dowd is a dedicated member of Kingston Rowing Club, played a key part in organising this wonderful and fitting gesture through his relationship with the company and Kingston Rowing Club.  

As seen from the photos and videos, the monument is a fitting symbol executed to the highest standards to remember this young girl. 

If you would like to support a local charity working locally in South West London, Surrey and Sussexwho provide support for families whose children are battling life-limiting conditions then please visit Momentum provides specialist bereavement service for families who have suffered the unimaginable heartbreak of losing a child.