Enable Infrastructure create Community Garden for the Swindon Advocacy Movement Charity (S.A.M)

Enable Infrastructure create Community Garden for the Swindon Advocacy Movement Charity (S.A.M)

October 5, 2021

S.A.M. Charity

Swindon Advocacy Movement (SAM) is a city centre based charity that voiced their need for an improved outdoor space to help educate its service users. The charity supports those living with Autism, mental health issues, learning disabilities and dementia to live more independent lives.

Working with the charity Enable Infrastructure (formerly known as BCM) designed and created a community garden, installing a number of planters in their small outdoor space. The garden will educate users on the importance of growing produce and what to do once you have grown the produce, ensuring they have greater experience in the real world, while simultaneously assisting in their wellbeing.

This supports the work we have recently undertaken in the Swindon area with the first being the tarmac resurfacing of Thamesdown Drive where Enable Infrastructure replaced 20,000m2 of failing wearing course. This has improved travel time for local residents, reduced noise and will limit the damage caused to drivers’ cars. Further to this, Enable Power Systems (formerly known as BCM Power Systems) has also constructed the sub-station needed to power the new ‘state of the art’ Zurich Swindon offices, which is based just over the road from S.A.M.

We are committed to adding social value and as part of the project delivery, we were looking for local community projects we could support in the Swindon area, to ensure we left a lasting social impact within the local community.

All of this however would not have been possible without the collaboration and support of other local businesses who donated their time and resources to the project. Whilst Enable Infrastructure staff volunteered and donated tools and plants. Scott Parnell Swindon kindly donated the timber needed for the job, LBH compassionately provided expert carpenters and Reconomy were kind enough to supply the topsoil.

Swindon Advocacy talked about the benefits of the scheme:

“This new garden has given us so much more space to grow vegetables and flowers whilst creating a space to sit and enjoy. Our skill sessions of both cooking and gardening will compliment each other, and we have Enable Infrastructure to thank for that.” – Amanda Carey Activity Coordinator at Swindon Advocacy Movement

Andrew Wedlake, Regional Manager for Enable Infrastructure said:

“Enable Infrastructure is pleased to support this community project in terms of time and resources. Having undertaken several successful contracts in the Swindon area, we feel honoured to support charities such as the Swindon Advocacy Movement.”

Enable Infrastructure along with all the partners involved are proud to have provided this space for those in need.