Enable Infrastructure Begin the Renovation and Extension of 2 Sub-Stations for Western Power Distribution (WPD)

Enable Infrastructure Begin the Renovation and Extension of 2 Sub-Stations for Western Power Distribution (WPD)

October 19, 2021

The Enable Power Systems (formerly known as BCM Power Systems) teams have been awarded 2 sub-station renovation and expansion projects along the route as part of Western Power Distribution’s commitment to ensure that the network remains robust for current and future demand. These works will assist with the implementation of HS2 at Berkswell as well as the local communities power supply at both sites.

With over 185,000 substations and a network consisting of 220,000 km of overhead lines and underground cables, it is easy to see why elements of the Western Power Distribution line serving the Midlands, South West and Wales need some renovation from time to time.

It has firstly been established that Berkswell 132kV Substation now needs to accept the proposed SGT4 with WPD extending their existing facilities. What’s more, our second sub-station renovation is Newton Road. Due to the age and condition of the existing equipment and the new load demands, it has been determined that the existing switchgear and Newton Road is no longer fit for purpose. The current building contains asbestos, it has therefore been decided to build a new extension to the existing switch room.

Amongst the electrical and civil renovations needed, we have ensured we are continuously improving our sites with innovation such as Solar Pod, which was used on the Berkswell site. So far, we have used 99% solar power 0.8% battery power (power stored from the solar panels that was not used) and 0.2% diesel. This is an efficient way of ensuring we are being more sustainable, and this initiative is something we are trying to implement across numerous sites.

There were also a couple of challenges posed by these two projects for example, there is very limited space for construction at Newton Road, therefore, constructing a new laydown area with a 3m high ballast board retainer wall, 1000mm embankment reduction and a 55m2 type1 hardstanding area, effectively solved this problem. Moreover, access and egress is a challenge at Berkswell so to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those on site, TuffTrack mats were installed to create a sturdy road.

We are excited to update you on these two pieces of work for WPD over the following months. Please find the full scope for each project below:

Scope for Newton Road Civil works:

  • Construct the new extension to the existing switch room substructure and superstructure
  • Modify Existing Switch Room
  • Lay HV and LV cable ducting to designated areas.
  • Lay earthing around new building
  • Drainage Works for the storm drainage
  • External Finishes

Scope for Berkswell National Grid Extension:

  • Removal of 875 tonne topsoil and dispose of excavated material off-site.
  • Installation and removal of TuffTrack temporary access road to new site gate for construction traffic.
  • Construction of post insulator & disconnector foundation bases
  • Construction of circuit breaker foundation bases
  • Construction of pantograph foundation bases
  • Site resurfacing – 500 tonne type1 and 200 tonne 20mm granite chippings
  • Installation of multicore cable ducts (including DP, bedding, and surround) and core drilling for connection to cable trough/DP.
  • Installation of cable trough (including bedding and surround)
  • Demolition of existing and Construction of CCTV column foundation
  • Installation of Precast concrete channels to create gravel access.