Evision – Enterprise Resource Planning

17th March 2017

BCM has implemented Evision, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The system was initially developed to support commercial project delivery, however, has swiftly expanded into a range of the BCM’s enterprises – from supplier management to time-sheets and expenses management.

Evision provides a platform and necessary tools for developing efficient and effective business productivity and functionality, which facilitates BCM’s ‘Project 2020’ ambitions and beyond. The Microsoft Dynamics system permits a user-friendly, high-tech processing system and is one of the ‘Big 3’ ERP systems alongside Oracle and SAP.

What is Evision?

Evision is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system provided by Eque2. It is a user-friendly system using Microsoft Dynamics, which allows the foundation to be modified by Eque2 for BCM’s transport infrastructure contracting business.

What does it do?

Evision manages projects from end-to-end, providing BCM with live information for controlling/monitoring including:

  • All financial aspects, invoicing, sales, ledgers, forecasting and management of assets, perhaps most notably, visibility of live project costs
  • All commercial aspects including, procurement, job costing, CVR’s, subcontracts, suppliers, purchase orders
  • Customer relationship management
  • Time management
  • Reporting

Evision allows for the streamlining of business activity:

  • Live information feed of updates and ability to edit
  • Profiles for Employees – the interface is entirely configurable to suit the user.
  • Web and Mobile Accessibility
  • “Evaluate” – an estimating package, which enables builds up a database of rates, for quicker and easier pricing of projects, which then flows into Evision for budget setting/forecasting.
  • A secure platform enabling controls for what users can see and do, introduction of approvals for governance and cost control.

Why Evision?

Not only does Evision add value to internal business operations and provide a go-to platform for employees to acquire information. It enables employees to:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of business.
  • To do more with less – increasing turnover per head.
  • Consolidate systems into a unified, cloud-based system accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Greater analysis of time and cost.

Learning to Use Evision:

  • Coinciding with BCM’s brand renovation, Evision aims to change BCM’s culture for the better.
  • Our biggest challenge is employees learning and administering of the system

Project 2020:

How does this facilitate our vision for 2020?

  • It is a business growth facilitator
  • It is scalable
  • An off-the-shelf solution
    • Adopting a templated Microsoft design as a cost-saving entity.
  • Web functionality / Portal
    • Allowing site teams to access via tablets
    • Place requisitions
    • Monitor deliveries
    • Registering goods received and delivered
    • Labour Call Forward (LCF) – web-version – easily order, track and ensure labour reporting