Developing Electrification Hazard Awareness In The South

21st December 2016

Rail Electrification Contractor BCM has been heavily involved in the development of a Southern Shield briefing on Electrical Hazard Awareness. This is an initiative designed to respond to the high level of close calls experienced in the Southern Region under the Electrical Safety Category.

The training material was developed to raise awareness of commonly encountered electrical hazards. BCM have been engaging with Network Rail’s Professional Training and Development department and also the Competency Development Group for Electrification and Plant (E&P).

With the help of Kay Ayeni from sister company Equate Design, who acted as a trainer, the material was trialled with over 100 people. The feedback was received was then used to fine-tune the training material.

The final version of the training material has been taken by the E&P CDG to incorporate into an enhanced version of the DC Conductor Rail (DCCR) training, which will be delivered alongside Personal Track Safety (PTS) in Network Rail’s Southern region.

BCM are able to offer electrification works as a single discipline, or as part of a composite offering with its wider transport infrastructure contracting disciplines in rail civil engineering, building, signalling and environmental services, and always offer a cost effective and professional rail electrification service.

Managing Director Shane O’Halloran added:

“BCM are currently Network Rail’s Framework Contractor for Control Period 5 in the South in respect of Network Rail’s HV Feeders and an active member of the Southern Region’s rail business community.

“We contribute regularly to the Southern Shield, a forum set up to enable Tier 1 Rail Principal Contractors to really make a positive difference to the lives of railway workers and are delighted to have made such a significant contribution to the rail Electrification team.”