Business Transformation Update

9th March 2017

BCM is undergoing a business transformation with the end goal of becoming a more sustainable business in the future. We have a strategic plan in place to grow and diversify our business into a multi-sector transport infrastructure contractor.

Since our formation, the rail industry has been good to BCM. We plan to strengthen our position in this market through in-house capability building, and further geographical expansion in the future. However, we also recognise that we cannot solely rely on our rail clients and we need to prepare our business for the peaks and troughs that come with that sector through diversification into related markets.

We are targeting related sectors where we can apply our core competencies, and migrate BCM’s fresh new brand and services to new and allied fields.

This is an exciting time for BCM. Our strategic plan will result in a three-fold growth of our business, and we have a wealth of exciting opportunities for seasoned professionals as well as talented young people seeking a kick-start to their careers.

We are striving for perfection, as this cycle of transformation becomes fully integrated into the organisation and is embodied at every level within BCM. Our employees are really seeing how their contribution can make a positive difference, and this positive effect is providing a powerful momentum to motivate this change. BCM as an organisation is becoming forward thinking, healthier and even more stable.