BCM Refurbish The Bells Yew Green Village Hall

17th April 2018

For over 30 years BCM have kept health, safety and well-being at the heart of our organisation.  In 2017, we officially made the local communities we work in a measurable business priority, featuring them as a target on our scorecard – at least one project or scheme per project.

As an SME we have limited budget and resource for community engagement and volunteering, but we don’t let that limit us and know that even small commitments can transform and make a real valuable and positive difference felt by those living / working close to our work-sites.

On behalf of Network Rail, we have been working to provide power enhancements on the rail infrastructure between High Brooms and Grove Hill in Tunbridge Wells.  Our office base has been at Frant Station for the duration of our works, so we are thrilled to have refurbished the Bells Yew Green Village Hall – making a difference to this community and its users.

The village hall committee said: “Thanks again for a spectacular job at the village hall. We are so grateful and delighted and really can’t thank you enough.”