BCM Give Their Support To Wildlife Trusts

9th March 2017

As a socially responsible employer, BCM afforded the opportunity for over 80 staff to attend wildlife trusts around the country and give something back to the communities that they serve.

BCM, which operates from four separate geographical locations in England and Wales as a rail principal contractor, was able to provide opportunities at sites in Gloucester, London and Kent for its staff to engage in valuable voluntary activities that has a positive effect for these trusts.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

A 20-person strong team were put to work at “The Park”, located in the Forest of Dean. “The Park” is a fantastic example of acid grassland and heathland, which, over the years, has allowed a wide range of fascinating wildlife to flourish. The priority of the day was to tackle the bracken that has dominated the area as well as the natural succession of birch trees to rediscover and encourage the regrowth of heathland.

London Wildlife Trust

At the London Wildlife Trust, a 21-person team went to work at “The Warren”, located near St. Mary’s Cray in Bromley. The area consists of open mixed woodland with acid grassland clearings. The objective of the day was to help out with habitat management on the reserve. This involved desilting the woodland pond, removing vegetation to open up the canopy, and clearing the bracken, which will enable wildflowers and other species to re-establish on site.

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

At the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Gloucester, 23 staff members attended to help with the Trust’s aim of conserving wetlands and their biodiversity. Slimbridge was the first wetland centre to be created and is situated by the bank of the River Severn, spanning 300 hectares of wild reserve. The day’s task was to assist with seasonal reserve management, which included reinforcing the fencing lines on the reserve.

Kent Wildlife Trust

For our second year with the Kent Wildlife Trust, 24 staff were set to work in Brenchley Wood near Pembury. The Kent Wildlife Trust has partnered with the High Weald AONB in effort to preserve and restore the 37-acre nature reserve forest to its natural state. BCM’s team were involved in creating dead hedges from coppiced material and the removal of a fence to improve accessibility.

Jenny Peters, BCM’s Environmental Manager, who helped organise these volunteering days said:

“Not only did we receive great feedback from the various trusts, the day also had a positive impression on all the staff too. Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.”