BCM Construction 2019 Graduate Intake

19th August 2019

BCM Construction recently launched our 2019 Graduate intake with a couple of Assessment days to bring in the very best fresh new talent and knowledge to our growing teams. As a company we had a view to take on 4 graduates in various disciplines in our business: Finance, Commercial, Operations and Engineering.

Our Recruitment team managed to whittle down well over 150 applicants to a lucky 20 who attended the 2 days we organised. The 2 days ran separate themes with their own different challenges ranging from presenting a case study in front of the board to building a bridge out of paper alongside various challenging exams. Both days were carried out with great attendees in an interesting venue and with great success.

The fresh-faced and somewhat apprehensive graduates had to analyse information and present their findings back to “the board on the day” during the finance assessment day, while enduring a rigorous interview followed by an extremely difficult numerical assessment.
The Operations and QS days involved a few team exercises which included “building a bridge” out of paper, Sellotape and paperclips and building a structure out of Lego. Both were received well and carried out with fantastic spirit and enthusiasm but, let’s say, “mixed results”. We did have a great deal of fun and gave good feedback/lessons learned to our eager grads whose bridges could not stand the weight of the BCM Trophy.

The team exercises were again followed by a few more assessments including a numerical, diagrammatic and I.T. Test along with a tough interview to conclude.

During our civils assessment day, our management team were desperate to get involved in the bridge building exercise and show this well-educated gang how it’s done (see images of the only standing bridge with the BCM Trophy atop). Our Ops Director and Engineering Manager managed to build their own version with the quickest time recorded, cheapest value in materials and the strongest structure (albeit not to the correct spec).

A Massive thank you to all involved in the creation, running and attendance for the Assessment day, it was hard work pulling it all together, but all in all, a very successful day which resulted in making offers to 4 lucky graduates who I can confirm joined our team during July.

We look forward to the continuous growth and development of our graduates over the coming years and keep your eyes peeled for the 2020 Graduate intake with new and exciting challenges ahead.

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