Back To School: Cable Drum Tables & Railway Safety

23rd January 2018

BCM Construction’s Jenny Peters and Dave Allen went back to school this week! Why some may ask? They visited Hilmarton Primary School in Calne near Swindon, to talk to 66 Year 5 & 6 children about how BCM made the cable drum picnic tables and the importance of staying safe on the railway.

BCM Construction has always looked for opportunities to extend our core values to our local communities in which we carry out works.  In September 2017, Hilmarton Primary School was one of the four recipient schools of our 10 cable drum picnic tables and 20 benches upcycled from our HV Feeder Cable Installation works on the Great Western Electrification Project.

The kids asked loads of questions about the tables like “how do we roll the cable off straight if it’s curled up?”,  “How did you make them?”, “What is the cable used for?”, “Is the cable like the ones in my house?” and “Do you work every day?”.

The kids really engaged with the safety moment Dave Allen presented too – using the image below image to start a discussion with the kids about railway safety. Without prompt hands shot up to point out the main safety concerns and this prompted many more questions and stories.

We had a fantastic time at the school and are thrilled to learn the schools are getting lots of use out of the tables. A big thank you to Hilmarton Primary School for hosting us.

BCM believes there is significant importance in engaging with schools and communities to help bolster learning about the railways, about safety and inspiring careers.